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Light on a Hill Missions Center is LFCM's Missions Branch in Colombia. Light on A Hill is meeting the needs of the Blind, Elderly, Single Mothers and Children in Colombia, including victims of Human Trafficking. Our work includes the Elisa Mission Center, Humanitarian Aid, and Socio-Economic Development Projects. 

You can support Light on a Hill Missions Center by donating here: 

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Elder Couple

Elisa Mission Center

The Elisa Mission focuses on meeting the needs of the elderly who may not have family members available to help care for them. Helping elders in need connect with caregivers and services as needed to ensure that they are never neglected and never feel forgotten. 


Humanitarian Aid

Bringing food, clothing, medication, and essential resources to those who may have difficulty affording them.

We are targeting helping young children and single mothers in need, including victims of human trafficking. 

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Social and Economic Development

This department is working with the community to conduct trainings, drive economic development into communities, and working on Education projects. 

Regional Operations

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